Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Out and About

Once upon a time there were two girls called Laura and Lauren, aka Lola J and Lola K. One cold and rainy thursday Laura came over to chez Lauren to have coffee and show off her brand new baby niece. Laura gave Lauren a giftbox filled with coffee and sugar and emergency biscuits which Lauren appreciated very much.

The youngest of the three girls was having a grizzly day and so Laura and Lauren decided to hop in the car and take her for a drive, hoping it would soothe her little soul. It worked! ...Until the girls got a flat tyre in the middle of the motorway. "Say it ain't so!" they cried. But alas, the tyre was a pancake. So the girls were forced to showcase their power and hopped out in the freezing wind and set about changing the tyre. Meanwhile poor baby had woken up and was howling the place down.

Luckily teamwork prevailed - Lauren on the Jack, Laura with the nuts and eventually after a lot of laughing mixed in with a bit of swearing, the new wheel was fitted and they were on the road again.

Who says girls can't do a "man's" work??

Lola and Lola

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