Thursday, March 28, 2013


Photo-journalling is fun! Although I'm realising that a lot of the pictures I take are of the yummy food I eat...
I've just come off nights and am shattered. To add a bit of salt to the sleepy wounds, my car has been deemed too dangerous to drive and I had to go to the dentist today. Mechanics and dentists can cause so much trauma to a person's wallet.

Then, there were the little things that went wrong this week, such as an unnoticed broken tea bag which caused a mouthful of tea leaves at the bottom of the mug; the leaky milk bottle which leaked out of and under the fridge and across the floor overnight and waited for me to find it when I got home at 7am, the random phone calls in the middle of the day that woke me up...The list goes on. It's seriously been a comedy of errors this week. Ashton Kutcher is possibly going to jump out and tell me I've been Punkd at any second.

Luckily for me, my buddy Josie and I are going out for dinner tonight! More food talk, yes, but I've been looking forward to it!

Here are some snaps of the good stuff this week which mostly involve food....

Corn on the cob! Love!


A very bright, nearly full moon

Citron et sucre crepes at the sunday market

Midnight snacks

Baked ravioli! Yumalicious!

Eclectic wall at El Matador 

Grilled nectarines with brown sugar and ice cream

Latest op shop finds

Food-wise at least, it's been a good week!

Lola K xx

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