Sunday, March 3, 2013


This week I'm grateful for...

  • Good books
  • Good friends
  • Super supportive family
  • Learnt resilience
  • $5 Henna
  • Using less petrol
  • People who challenge my ideas of myself
  • "I'm in awe of you" - What a compliment!!!
  • Linseed and Manuka Honey bread
  • Sleeping better
  • Good advice
  • Cooler nights
  • Laughter
  • Catching up over wine
  • Upbeat tunes
  • Lazy days off (too short though!)
  • Cheap and cheerful dresses
  • Comfortable boots
  • Friendly neighbours
  • Friendly animals
  • Being reminded that things could always be worse
  • Gummy bears (always)
  • "Networking"
  • Being told I'm normal
  • Being told I'm completely abnormal
  • Making dinner and movie plans
  • People who come over and do my dishes!
  • Poetry
  • Potentially rainy days on the horizon


  1. love this! sometimes it is so good to remember that our lifes are full of joy and happiness compared to other people lifes! happy sunday!

    1. You're so right Hannah! I know a lot of people who have needed reminding this week.
      You're awesome :)
      Happy sunday (even though it's now monday over here!)