Thursday, March 7, 2013

A free spirited snapper in Greytown!

When I said to my mum that I was going to visit the chocolate shop in Greytown and that she should accompany me, it didn't take much arm twisting for her to agree. What was going to be a short sharp trip there and back turned into a day of perusing gift shops, purchasing chocolates, having lunch and ending up in a museum.

Because I'm awesome I wore almost winter clothes - forgetting how boiling hot it gets in the Wairarapa. Fire risk: Extreme.

I really like this chair.

We stopped at Cahoots Cafe to have lunch...

And sat right in among all the plants until my fear of spiders kicked in and I became convinced that every tree leaf that rained down on me was a spider landing on my head.

For a bunch of barefoot hippies, Kiwis like their meat so the further you get into rural NZ the less likely your chances of finding good vegetarian food. Cahoots do a pretty sweet vege melt though.

Next stop: Chocolate shop!
Yep, this is actually edible.

Right next to the chocolate shop is the Cobblestone Museum! Too cute!

We ventured inside one of the original cottages and our inner history geeks (we really are mother and daughter!) were pretty much doing cartwheels.

Nice little parlour...

Imagine clambering up and down these stairs in the middle of the night!

We went to school

Bit big for the desks...

Old reads

Bet you're glad you weren't a teacher back then Laura!
FAIL! I told you not to loiter in ice cream shops.

This tickled me! Out of the old local paper.

The original hospital pharmacy

Let's hear it for Florence! Luckily I am not mischievous at all.

These are just a few of the photos I took. When I uploaded them to my laptop it said I'd taken 44, causing my mum to label me a "free spirited snapper." I've been to Greytown several times but I'm so glad I finally went to the museum because it's steeped in history and so, so cute!
Thanks for hosting us Greytown. 
Until next time.
Lola K xx

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