Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's Cooking Good Looking?

I moved house yesterday after very little sleep coming off night shifts. Lots of scowling happened and lots of waiting (the moving company was three hours late!!) and my muscles are sore because I appear to insist on living in two storey places, which means lugging a lot of boxes up too many stairs.

My mum was stationed at my old place to meet the movers and I was unpacking at my new place. One thing we didn't count on was them being three hours late though, so while I waited I did a spot of baking :)

I made the easiest cookies in the world because I didn't know how long the wait would actually be and there was limited kitchen space. 

Pinterest introduced me to Nutella and sea salt cookies. Yup, you heard me...

These are crazy easy to make - they only need five ingredients and take 10 minutes to bake! Also, the recipe  says to use an electric mixer - that's a bit too posh for me so I just used a good old wooden spoon and they worked out fine. Electric mixers are so over rated (*cough* I can't afford one). I also wasn't able to stick the dough in the freezer because it hadn't been delivered, so I ran some cold water in the sink and stuck the whole bowl in for 10 minutes.

These are seriously so delicious. I don't always like Nutella but these don't even taste like it! The salt makes them taste amazing and I've impressed everyone I've fed them to so far. I'll definitely make them again.
You can get the recipe here.

Now I need to rest my achey muscles.

Lola K xx

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