Friday, February 22, 2013

Settle Petal

I want to live somewhere like this
Picture from here
With a rural feel and close to water, but not too far from town. Where I can see plenty of these
Taken from here
In a house like this, but maybe a little older
Taken from here
Which I would decorate like this
From here
And this, but a little brighter
From here
These shades would pop up everywhere

It would have a library, because all houses should
From here
And a loft because I love them
From here

I'm in a settling kind of mood tonight. I've been in my new place for nearly two weeks now and there is a lot I like about it...But also a lot I wish I could change. I'd love to buy a place of my own but apparently you need money to do that, and as well, my commitment challenges stretch to house buying - I'm so fussy and changeable it's impossible! Ask me tomorrow what my dream home would be like and I can almost guarantee I'd show you a different set of pictures. I think it's a gemini thing!

Until I win the lotto and make up my mind it's all just a dream...

Lola K xx

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