Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Backyard Bee Stings

My dad is a beekeeper, has been my entire life and I’d planned for a while to write a post about bees and honey and the extraction process etc. Aaaand then I got stung a couple weeks ago when walking about outside without shoes on. How dare those bees be enjoying the clover when I want to be enjoying the sun!? Then because apparently I don’t learn, I got stung AGAIN on Sunday and I decided I wasn’t such a fan of those furry little bugs so instead I just want to whine about bee stings.
I discovered last year that I’m a bit allergic so my foot looks and feels like a slab of meat! I’m sporting the best cankle I’ve seen in my life and hobbling around everywhere. Booooo.

That is some impressive swelling, right?

I’ll get to the more interesting bee post another day
Lola J

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