Sunday, January 20, 2013

Check out my crib yo!

A wee while ago when second hand shopping we stumbled across an old Downton Abbey style cot for $10bucks. My Mother quickly decided she'd have that thanks, so the Granddaughter would have somewhere to snooze when she came over for visits. Overly ambitious me agreed to restore it for her in exchange for a little monetary reward so this is just what I've been doing. 

My hair colour in the photos below is a dead giveaway that this hasn't been an overnight sort of project. I began all excited and enthusiastic for a DIY task I could do on my own... Then I realised just how much work was involved in sanding and painting all those stupid little rungs. I've been hating it ever since. 

To be quite honest, I think if my Mum had let me I would have given up way back at the undercoat stage and baby would be sleeping in a sort of half sanded, streaky white cot. I tried to tell her that I'm sure baby wouldn't care but no luck, I was forced to continue. I battled on and finally finished last week (and by finish I mean "I'm not doing another bluddy coat on that thing so that'll just have to do"). Yay completion!

My biggest take away lesson from the project was that sadly I am not destined to ever be a tagger or graffiti artist. Actually I think I can safely rule out any sort of painting occupation. 

Now I just have to wait 'til April when my niece arrives in the world to test drive it!

Lola J 

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