Sunday, January 27, 2013

Art for Art's Sake

I spent the last week on a truckload of antibiotics which completely knocked me out of the park and made me take days off work feeling sorry for myself. Because doing nothing gets a bit tedious after a while I kept myself busy making art! I've heard it said that "art washes the dust from everyday life," but also it's just good for keeping yourself occupied...

I put together three pieces for my friend Gemma who was moving into a new flat....

For the "Follow That Dream" picture, click here

Can you believe the clever little lass took this picture herself?
It's in the Lakes District in England!
I just put it onto canvas, but the art is really her own work.

I also made a canvas piece for my friends who just got married...

I think no home is complete without a bit of art in it. Especially if it's home made with rainbows and love!

Lola K xx

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