Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Write for Rights

"Flame" - Amnesty International's Newsletter

So, number 5 on my list of 10 things was to do something to change the world.
The 2nd-12th of December is Write for Rights week for Amnesty International. I've been involved with Amnesty for a number of years now and I have so much admiration for how they are such tireless advocates for human rights. It's amazing the amount of human rights abuses that continue in the 21st century and even more amazing that bombarding a country's government with letters letting them know the world is aware of what they are doing can change a life.

More from Flame
It doesn't take much to write a letter. I wrote one yesterday and posted it on my way to work!
Leaving a bit of Lauren flair...
Yay Christmas stamps!
The good thing about Amnesty International is that you don't have to be a member to make a difference. It's just a collective of people calling for human rights simply because they are also human. 
We're all in it together folks, so make sure you love each other :)
Lola K xx

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