Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who says jars are ordinary?

Number 9 on my list of 10 things: Make some ordinary jars extraordinary. I decided to do a double whammy and use the pretty jars as christmas presents for my grandparents (please note: I have the coolest grandparents in the world). With that in mind, I made a girly jar and a manly jar. Who knew jars had genders? They do. Because I made them.

Boring old jars...
Coolest jars in the world!!
I just spray painted over some lace and rubber bands et voila!
Once my pretty jars were dry I filled them up with drinking chocolate and mini marshmallows and tied an oh so tiny bottle of Bailey's on each one...
And ended up with irish hot chocolate in a jar! Perfect for my grandparents. They're not perfect, but I think imperfections are more genuine and it's pretty clear that I made them :)
And totally cute to boot! All this thanks to a little bit of "pinspiration."


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