Monday, December 24, 2012

Whanau time

You may have already guessed that I've been super busy over here with wedding stuff! But now that it is all over and done with thought I'd just write a quick message to say it has all gone swimmingly. I'm sure I'll do a proper post about it at a later date but in the meantime here are just a couple photos of the awesome day...

This was Claire's amazing amazing bouquet that we made out of artificial flowers, brooches, pins, napkin holders and all sorts given to her by friends and family. Too cool! 

My special people

Am now off to Wangas for more family time and hopefully a bit of R&R after all that wedding stress... oh and for Christmas of course! No phone reception or internet access so have a super special day filled with the right people and the best food!!

Lola J 

**Whánau (noun) family group, extended family or community


  1. aren't weddings just the best? you meet people you only meet at special events (like a wedding...)
    have fun and a merry christmas!!

    1. You are too right Hannah!! And a Merry Christmas to you, hope it is a beautiful one :) xo