Sunday, December 9, 2012

Soul mates!

Laura #2 in her skydive get-up when here on holiday 2011

Had a good start to the day this morning: I had a surprise text message waiting for me from my bestie over in England telling me her boyfriend proposed to her that afternoon and she is now engaged!!! Eeeep!

I met Laura (yes, her name is Laura too.. I mean, how could we not become friends!) when we were both working in America on a summer camp up in Maine back in 2008. We had the same name, we were both teaching gymnastics, we were in the same staff groups and we were both bunk-moms for 4th graders. We laughed about it being written in the stars and that it was just meant to be! By the end of those long, exhausting hours spent working together we were convinced we were nothing less than soul mates. We had twinsy physical features, freakishly similar ideas, a matching sense of humour and an uncanny ability to say what the other was thinking which resulted in a tendency to finish each others sentences. I feel like I owe a lot of the experience I had on camp to the couple of amazing friends I made. 

We took the twinsy thing a little too far in that middle photo!

I miss her greatly over on the other side of the world but am so pleased we have managed to keep in touch all this time and so unbelievably happy for her engagement!! Sending loads of love to you my dear (and to that hubby-to-be)!
Lola J/Laura #1

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