Monday, December 3, 2012

Music Monday

Have you heard of Gary Clark Jr? If not, please have a listen to his EP "Bright Lights" as soon as you possibly can. This guy is musical magic personified and his songs have a healthy dose of the blues howl which I love so very much. Listening to his music evokes an image of a smokey, dirty old dimly lit bar and whiskey in the deep south of the United States (think Black Snake Moan).
Since the blues originated in the south and was likely played in circumstances similar to the ones he brings to my imagination, I think that makes him one of the most gifted modern blues artists out there right now.

Sorry to Hannah and anyone else from Germany who probably won't be able to see this :(
Lola K xx


  1. no. I am not and i hate that i can't see it!! grrr. one of the biggest disadvantages of living in germany...