Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meri Kirihimete! Part two

Happy Christmas! It's a hot day here and I'm banging out part two of my Christmas posts before I head off to work. As you might have noticed I have a very small family. I have no siblings and was raised by my mum. Usually it's just us and the grandparents for Christmas, but since their plane managed to break free from the fog yesterday, it's just me and Mum today. Nevertheless, my Mum is a stellar hostess and has made the morning perfect!

On Christmas Eve I went over to Mum's and found a present under the tree to be opened at sunset! Inside, among other little gifts, was a cute Christmas mug and stuff for making hot chocolate. We drank the hot chocolate and watched The Holiday, which is one of my favourite Christmas movies ever, and then we went into town for midnight mass. It was so hot at 11:30pm, people were using their orders of service as fans!

Today I came over early because the heat is making it impossible to sleep. We had apple cider pancakes and fizzy cranberry "spiders" to cool off. Now we're watching Love Actually, my other most favourite and over-watched Christmas movie before I need to go to work. It sucks that I have to go to work, but it sucks more that there are people all over the world that have to spend Christmas in hospital. It's been a quiet Christmas, as ours always are, but it's been a good one.
I was pretty spoilt this year and I'm lucky to have such a wonderlicious tiny family. I know a lot of people feel very lonely at this time of year, and if that's you, then I'm sending a lot of love your way. Whatever this season means to you, wherever you celebrate it, and whoever you celebrate it with, merry, merry Christmas, to you.
Lola K xx