Sunday, December 23, 2012

Meri Kirihimete! Part one

My Christmas is spread over 3 days this year because my Grandparents are spending Christmas day in the South Island with the other half of our very small family. Since we were taking them to the airport in the afternoon, we decided to congregate at my Mum's and have Christmas lunch. My Mother happens to be a fantastic hostess and the lunch was amazingly good. It was mostly comprised of salads, with falafel balls for me, the resident vegetarian, and blue cheese dip! We drank homemade pink lemonade which my Mum had made from real raspberries (!) and ate white chocolate gingerbread mousse (seriously!) for dessert. I can't even tell you how full I was.

Mum and I did a mostly DIY Christmas and made the majority of the gifts that we gave. We were a bit concerned by the possiblity of them getting broken or damaged on the flight to the South Island, so we told my Grandparents that they had to open their presents early. To be fair, Mum and I opened a present each as well. I got this book which I had mentioned wanting one time about 3 months ago and not realised anyone was listening. It was such a nice surprise and I'm so excited to read it! Just have to finish the one I'm currently reading first! My Mum gave my Granny some framed long lost family photographs of her grandmother and family which have just surfaced after a distant relative recently died. I love old photographs and what a thoughtful gift!

It had started out a brilliant sunny day, but just before we left for the airport this random fog came down and blanketed the hills. Turns out it was leftovers from the tropical cyclone that hit Samoa and Fiji a couple of days ago. With an impending sense of "this isn't going to go well," we set off for the airport. As suspected, when we arrived we found it closed and all flights grounded. After various expletives, a phone call to the South Island and further instruction from very apologetic airport staff, we loaded the bags back into the car and headed home again.
All is well though - they're booked on the next available flight when the airport reopens and I'm keeping myself busy eating leftovers for dinner :)
Lola K xx


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