Saturday, December 15, 2012


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My sister Claire’s wedding is in less than a week and things are starting to get a bit crazy round here! I am quickly learning that no matter how many adjectives you chuck out like ‘low-key’ ‘relaxed’ ‘stress-free’ and ‘simple’ before the word: wedding, there is just no such thing. So anyway, before things get too chaotic I thought now was a really good time to take a breath and remind myself of a few things/people I am thankful for.

My parents – they are just so so supportive and I am incredibly grateful for all that they do for me. I’ve mentioned before how much of a struggle studying was sometimes and my Dad was always there subtly offering financial support and my Mum always there with emotional and of course edible support. (Is that a thing? Edible support? You get what I mean). They are both so encouraging and loving and helpful, I feel very lucky to have such a great relationship with them both. Gosh, I never would’ve predicted that when I was a sullen and secretive teenager!

My two sisters:

  Nikki – words can hardly describe the unusual relationship I have with my medium sissy. We have a special kind of silliness together that we have never grown out of and I hope we never do. Hanging out at her place always feels so comfortable and natural, I love it.  I cannot wait to see my Pickle become a mother in 2013 – so exciting!!
  Claire – the brains of the family and the bestest biggest sis ever. She is just so wise and responsible and stuff I hope she realises how much I look up to her. She always seems so on top of things and in control, I hope one day I sort myself out and have just a smidgeon of what she does. I can always trust her to give me the perfect book, music and/or movie recommendation at the drop of a hat... when she has her phone off silent that is. As much as I complain about wedding chaos I’m actually really really excited to see her on her wedding day next week!

Rosie, my hot-rod – I can’t imagine my life without the freedom and independence that a vehicle brings. And as much as I moan about all her issues in her old age there are positives: For one, I don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into her because no one would want a car as old and decrepit like that. She has done me well over the last 7 years and it will be a sad day when she gives up the ghost.

Health – this is one I really have to sit and remind myself how good I have it, things are still not perfect, I feel like my well-being is a work in progress but I need to remember the miles I've come from just a year or two ago. I’m relatively well and my health issues don’t impact my quality of life anything like they used to which is the most important thing.

Blenders – in my attempt to eat more fruit (see my original 10 things post) I have become smoothie queen! It’s like the excitement and spontaneity of cooking without a recipe but with almost certain taste-factor guaranteed so loads safer than my botched attempts at ‘Masterchefing’ it up in the kitchen.  

Articles of interest – my dear friend Lauren is super good at sending me links to the most fascinating articles about all sorts of stuff, I don’t know how she comes across it all!? I love learning about the random topics and squirreling away random facts to share with people and most importantly I am always so amazed at how well she must know me!

Thanks for sticking around till the end of this mammoth post!

Lola J

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