Friday, December 21, 2012

Fashion Friday

In an alarming contradiction to yesterday's Thursday Thoughts quote, and since we now have a "hair" label on the blog, I thought I'd do a timeline of my hair over the last 18 months. I've been addicted to changing my hair colour since I first started colouring it when I was about 12. All through high school I had blonde foils, mahoganys, plum shades and chocolate. Then I left school and by some random twist of fate I wound up in a hairdressing course which I dropped out of after I'd learnt all there was to know about colour! And so the hair colouring addiction never died.

I was blonde for about six months last year
 (Ps how cool is that flower crown? I know. I made it.)
In July I got sick of people calling me Barbie and went a gingery red
Then I went dark which is my "go to" shade
(This was at a hen's night. I was a fairy. Forgive me...)
Dark red with some black in the front. Wish I had a better
 picture of this one.
Red fades faster than most colours but the warmth is super hard to get rid of.
As is black. No matter how hard I tried to dye my hair brown I couldn't get rid of it.
Now I'm going for the balayage look since it's summer
and I feel the need to lighten up a bit.
This is perfect for Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs which I've been dying to use but my hair was too dark.
Totally matchy with my nails...
A few years back I used to bleach a panel of my hair myself and use
Fudge Paintbox to colour it. Because of my hair being damaged and porous
it would stick to my hair and take ages to come out. Since it's fairly clear that
I have committment issues when it comes to hair, I like Colour Bugs because I can
wash it out tomorrow and you'd never know.
Colour Bugs are also good if you have a respectable job but like to be a bit of rainbow
in your spare time! Win!
And there you have it. What's next? Who knows?
Lola K xx
P.s Eeeeeeee Christmas is nearly here!!!

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