Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A bit of family history

So you may recall my trip up to Wanganui last weekend (see HERE). 

A few years ago my grandparents moved down from Whangarei to be closer to family and when doing so put the contents of their house that didn't fit in their new unit into storage. 

The real purpose of the day in Wangas was for the four granddaughters to go through all that stuff to take what we wanted and/or may get some use out of in our own homes. I can’t think the last time when all four of us were even in Wanganui at the same time so it was quite an achievement to organise around all those schedules and take the time to do this. 

The whole day was strangely emotionally charged and empty at the same time.. if that makes any sense at all!? I mean, I really love the idea that my grandparents wanted to give away their preloved furniture and crockery and knick-knacks and things when they are still alive to see us enjoy them but there was still something sad and awkward about the whole process. Like seeing my Gran getting distressed over her doll that she had as a little girl! That was hard to see! 

It’s pretty special that we get some awesome stuff that has such amazing history behind it though, and this way my grandparents know that it has stayed in the family and is soon to be enjoyed by another few generations. I just wanted to share a couple pics of some of the neat stuff that has already made it into the house.

 A large framed picture of my Gran and Grandad on their wedding day! So special
 My Mum scored some toys to add to her collection for her own grandchildren to enjoy one day
 A telegram sent to my Gran in hospital when my Dad was born in 1949!
A beautiful chair I remember from their dining room in Whangarei

It truly was priceless having Gran and Granddad with us sharing some pretty cool memories and stories that went along with the heirlooms.
Lola J

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