Monday, November 5, 2012

Music Monday: The live edition!

I went to see Mumford & Sons last night and had a blast! The clapping and foot-stamping was super infectious from the very first song. I like how their songs are just a bit different and lyrically remind me of old Irish prayer songs. I read somewhere that they have a strong literary influence too so that makes them even cooler in my book (it's all clever joke making 'round here).

I felt out of practice to the General Admission 'protocol' seeing as it has been a while since I've been to a GA concert of that size, but the need to dance a little jig to every second or third song helped to keep the legs from going numb... sort of. Concerts are one of the few situations that I am thankful for my height but even then, it doesn't ever seem good enough to compete with those 8 foot tall gentlemen who always appear right in front of me. What is with that!? 

I was excited to take photos of the amazing strings of lights that gave it a feeling of being at a country fair and looked just too perfect with the 1900s style facade of the Town Hall... but I only had my ipod on me and they didn't turn out so great. I’ve included a couple so hopefully you can use your imagination to get the idea!

 Just your usual generic 'gig shot' that could be absolutely anyone on stage
Pretty lights!
Before their encore they took down the backdrop so you could see the amazing organ behind them- it looked way more impressive than it does in this photo!

I kind of desperately want to marry Winston, the banjo player. Swoon. When the heads in front of me permitted, I could hardly take my eyes off of him. 

This song I think is my favourite at the moment. My future hubby looks pretty cute in it which helps.

Live music is just too good!! Lauren is enjoying The Black Keys tonight (I hope she realises just how freakin' jealous I am of that, apparently they are Ah.Mazing live!) and then I have Radiohead the following night! Yipeeeee. It's not often that bands make the trip down to wee New Zealand so it is quite a big deal. 
Hope there's some extraordinary music in your life too.
Lola J

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