Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hey! Lola J!

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Remember when I crashed your psych lab and pretended to be one of the students?

Remember when we were studying exercise science together and I felt sick and you drove me all the way home even though classes hadn't even begun for the day?

Remember when we went out to dinner at Public and my lemon exploded and landed on the lap of the woman sitting at the table next to us?

Remember when we went to see the Christmas tree at Frank Kitts Park and used the phone box to call Santa?

Remember when you showed up at my place with homemade red velvet cupcakes and a new book for my poetry which you'd made a cover for yourself?

Remember when I dragged you to the brewery about 1000 times to keep checking out hot bartender?

Remember when you came to my place for an early Christmas dinner and I forced you and Paul to listen to Snowed In, by Hanson?

Remember when we thought we were talking in a civilised manner, but the neighbours still came up and told us off for being raucous?

Remember when we freaked out about an exercise science assignment and drove all the way out to Josh's at about 9 o'clock at night for help?

You're a pretty stellar friend, yo!
Just thought I'd remind you :)

Lola K xx


  1. this is soo beautiful! thank you for sharing these little moments! i love htese little moments i have with my best friend and i hope i will never miss them!

  2. Aaah Lauren you are just too sweet!! I had forgotten about a couple of these moments- made me crack up, tear up and totally made the highlight of my week :) xxo Lola J.