Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Lone-Rangered trip away

Last week I ventured up to Auckland to get to the Radiohead concert, this is about an 8 - 8 ½ hour drive from Wellington. I was planning to drive up with a friend and make a bit of a trip of it but he bailed on me last minute (nice of him, eh!?) so I was left to journey alone. I was a bit bummed and a lot angry at his actions so in the days leading up to the departure I wasn't really looking forward to it but then I thought about it and changed my tune a bit. I've driven to Auckland quite a few times but never on my own so what I was originally nervous about turned into excitement- I love driving and 8+ hours of it meant 8+ hours of uninterrupted guilty pleasure music listening time that no one else could complain about. And then it just got better, I had a brainwave: AUDIOBOOKS! Hell freakin’ yes! I downloaded 28 hours of books/podcasts (ya know, so I had options) and set off. It was so great.

I stayed with my oldest sister who just moved up there 6 months ago so that was really cool and lots of fun. She and the fiancé headed to work as usual the morning after I arrived and I was left with another day to myself. After a leisurely lie in (ahem, on the couch) I took off to the coast and spent a blissful morning walking around the bays listening to more books on the ipod.

The gig was pretty incredible, as I expected. My only major complaint was that I was seated near quite a few colourful characters that distracted me from Thom and his amazingness. But I guess I can't really blame overly enthusiastic fans, it is Radiohead after all. 

Then the following day I rose early to hit the road again. No unnecessary toilet stops, no bothersome conversation, no compromising on music, and lots more audiobooks. I really enjoyed all the unexpected ‘me time’ and I definitely think I need to make this quick escape again soon.

Lola J

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