Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

It's 1am and I'm wide awake. I've never been a good sleeper, but shift work seriously screws my circadian rhythm. I have this insomnia journal which I was given for my last birthday; the idea being that I write whatever's on my mind in this book and put it out of my head so I can sleep. It actually does work most of the time! If the above quote (taken from my journal) is the truth, then my bizarre ramblings must be like some kind of sleep deprived perfect poetry. I doubt it. But I thought I'd share tonight's musings since I have nothing else to do and have just about Pinterested myself to death!

Quite random, but that's what was going on in my head. For a quiet person my head gets pretty loud sometimes :) Sorry if you can't read my scrawl...
Sweet dreams!
Lola K xx
P.S. who's excited for Laura to start posting again? Me!! Don't let uni swallow you up,
 Lola J!

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