Sunday, October 7, 2012

Out and About


Saturday started out as a glorious spring morning and we decided it was a good day for a drive. We had coffee and cake at the Lola K residence and then headed out in the car.
The aim was to explore parts of Wellington we don't know very well. In theory it was a great idea. Until the heavens started threatening rain with angry looking clouds. 

We ended up driving around the bays where we had to hide from the rain in an old phone box

Hallelujah for big chunky socks!

We stopped at Scorching bay for a snap of the wall decked out in Paua....

And discovered a secret stairway to heaven
 (actually just to the street)

This is what happens when you tell Lola J to act natural

We timed it well and just as we got back to Lola K's abode the rain turned into hail and settled in for the evening. Luckily for us rain doesn't cramp our style. We love rainy days too!
We hope you too had a good weekend.

Lola and Lola xx 

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