Friday, October 5, 2012

Birthday Buzz

So as Lola K mentioned yesterday, it was indeed my birthday! I had a pretty chilled out day really- nothing out of the ordinary or particularly special. I gave myself the day off from uni so had a sleep in, opened some sweet presents, had a choice lunch in town with the girls then I don’t really know where my afternoon went... just relaxed at home mostly: caught up on some blog love, watched a bit of telly, read some of my new book and then it was time for another amazing meal, followed by some even more amazing dessert. Finally after catching up with my biggest sis in Auckland I rounded the day out with Disney’s Fantasia (old school, 1941 we’re talkin’). Aaaaah that movie is the movie of my childhood and never fails to put me in a good mood as a result. The music. The funny little dances. Perfection.

All in all it was a good day! Hope yours was just as pleasant. 

I feel very very lucky for the pile of cards and presents I received. Highlights I think being a couple of books (one being an amazing looking cupcake recipe book: eeep!), some comfy jarmies (I am quite the pj enthusiast), and some super generous vouchers to go get spoilt at an ultra cool hairdressers (I think my student poverty status which translates into no funds for trivial things such as hair cuts and colours offends my mother more than it does myself).
I am a little ashamed to admit this photo isn't actually from this years birthday- this years birthday I was far too excited at the sight of all my birthday cuisine to even consider taking photographic evidence before I stuffed my face! 

Lola J 

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