Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's Cooking

It was my Granny's birthday the other day, so I put my thinking hat on and tried to come up with an idea for a present. Problem is, by the time you're in your seventies, you pretty much have everything you want/need. I bought her a couple of little handmade soaps from a market and some cute owl ornaments to satisfy her obsession with the little creatures, but I felt like I should do something else.
I was in a baking state of mind (which is not like me at all) and decided to try and make a ginger slice. Sifting through google (get it? Baking reference!) I discovered White Chocolate and Gingerbread Slice which made my tastebuds go into overdrive with anticipation!

I feel like I should point out that my baking can be summed up in one word: Disastrous. I used my great grandmother's wooden spoon, in the hopes she'd make sure her daughter's birthday slice turned out successfully :)

I don't know whether to credit the wooden spoon and divine intervention, the easy to follow recipe, or just luck that I was having a good day, but it worked out beautifully! Licking the bowl was a standout moment - it tastes like Christmas!!

Next time you feel like baking, I recommend trying this.
If you're into baking and want to recommend something for me to try, go ahead!
Lola K xx

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A little gift

I just wanted to share a couple pictures of the newest addition to my jewellery collection. My Ma gave me a wee present this week to acknowledge the end of my degree. I am totally in love. It feels like I’m wearing a teeny pohutukawa tree on my finger. Isn't it amazing?

 In case you are unfamiliar with the NZ pohutukawa this is what it looks like
Lola J

Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Monday

'Bout time for another music sesh I reckon. This time I wanted a representative for my love of the Big Band era. Benny Goodman does that quite nicely, don't ya think? 

I so need to learn how to jitterbug!
Lola J



I'm pretty excited because I have exactly one more shift and then 24 days off!! Eeeeeeeee!! I'm so looking forward to being able to relax, read, write, catch up with friends and do a few other fun things that I don't always have time to do when I'm working. You'll definitely be able to read all about it.
I've got a pretty exciting recipe to share with you sometime this week, but for now here are some snaps of the week that's been...

A beautiful bouquet
Unintentionally blurry Wellington by night
$6 second hand shoes!
A rather bright moon
Margherita pizza and tiramisu
Gollum at the airport (really bad lighting, sorry!)
Taken from
The girl in the centre makes me so happy!
Lola K xx


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Out and About

We went out for lunch and a bit of shopping a couple of days ago. It was a nice day apart from the typical Wellington style hurricane that blew us all over town.
We made a video of what we got up to...

Lola and Lola 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lola J: MIA

Photo c/o weheartit. These three words are exactly how I've felt the last few weeks.

I felt like a little (correction: big) explanation as to where I’ve been was in order:

So study seems to of consumed my life... well for the last year (sort of three), but I’m talking more specifically about the last few weeks. This was the home stretch of full time study for my degree so it was crunch time: In the last week alone I had 5 big tests and 2 huge lab reports due (160% of assessment)! That just shouldn't be allowed. Being the final hoorah of my study stress I expected a surge of energy to make it to that growing light at the end of the tunnel but that was hardly the case. Instead of a heroic sprint to finish on a high note I felt more like I’d lost a few limbs along the way and was dragging myself out commando style.  

I’m pleased I've stuck with this university thing because I really do feel like study is a big struggle for me and it certainly doesn't come easy. I've liked being pleasantly surprised with what I’m capable of and seeing what I can achieve, yet at the same time I really don’t like how I think about myself and who I am when wearing my ‘having-to-study-hard’ hat and those feelings I think have been a lot harder to deal with than the course work itself.

Being so study committed means that I just haven’t had the mental capacity to manage other things in my life, meaning that a lot of important things have suffered. So I am now looking forward to being able to spend time on the relationships that matter to me, to read for pleasure (boy, do I miss that!), to spend money on stuff (reasonably) guilt free, to work on my fitness and get my body healthy, to find new hobbies (yay!) and just spend time doing whatever the hell I feel like doing! I started a list of things I want (read: instead of NEED) to do once I had this study stuff out of the way and am so so excited to now get onto ticking them all off. So I plan on spending a bit more time round here, documenting things a little more interesting than the 3000 words I've managed to write in a few hours. 

Lola J xo

Thursday Thoughts

It's 1am and I'm wide awake. I've never been a good sleeper, but shift work seriously screws my circadian rhythm. I have this insomnia journal which I was given for my last birthday; the idea being that I write whatever's on my mind in this book and put it out of my head so I can sleep. It actually does work most of the time! If the above quote (taken from my journal) is the truth, then my bizarre ramblings must be like some kind of sleep deprived perfect poetry. I doubt it. But I thought I'd share tonight's musings since I have nothing else to do and have just about Pinterested myself to death!

Quite random, but that's what was going on in my head. For a quiet person my head gets pretty loud sometimes :) Sorry if you can't read my scrawl...
Sweet dreams!
Lola K xx
P.S. who's excited for Laura to start posting again? Me!! Don't let uni swallow you up,
 Lola J!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion Friday: The Home Edition!

Lola K here showing off my home "fashion." I have this obsession with home decorating which is why I'm awful sad that I rent and therefore cannot just knock down walls and put in new kitchen appliances when I feel like it. I've been feeling a little disenchanted with my little flat and I thought maybe a post about the pretty things I've done to it might make me appreciate it a little more...
It has a touch of the shambles about it but I've done my best to make it as homely as possible. The main theme being colour and randomness!

Dans ma chambre il y a...

Pretty flowers left over from flower crowns in bottles

The writing's on the wall!

I love lofts. A lot.

I just got this rainbow rag rug from Urban Outfitters.
Perfect for my random space...

...And matchy-matchy with my rainbow couch!

And now you've had a peek into my home. I think I'll probably relocate when my lease is up in february. In the meantime, I'll continue to dream of being a homeowner when I can renovate and decorate to my heart's content. Speaking of which, our blog may be undergoing some renovating of it's own in the next week...Watch this space!

Lola K xx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

A few thoughts this week...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I just wanted to tell you...

...How much I love rainy days. I've been a bit melancholic since we're heading into summer because it's really not my favourite season and it doesn't feel right having Christmas in the sun. So this morning I woke up to a deliciously rainy day and decided to spend it appropriately. Books, heaters (although I wish it was a fire), PJs, dvds, awful tabloid magazines, Pinterest, and endless cups of Caramel and Rose with French Vanilla tea. These are the days I dream of!

Wherever you are, I hope the weather is in your favour :)
Lola K xx

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fashion Friday

Today was a red tights sort of day. The weather was a bit average so I needed something to brighten things up. It did the trick.

 Enjoy the weekend!
Lola J xo

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It's been a pretty full on week! I feel like I've been run off my feet and haven't had time to sit down. It's been extremely temperamental weather - four seasons in one day is definitely an accurate way to describe this city at the moment! I've been snapping pictures along the way as is my habit. I credit photography with reminding me to stop and smell the flowers and notice little things in life that we take for granted. Since I've been all over the place I think a little collection of snaps from the week that's been are in order...

I love love love lavender
I picked this up at a second hand shop in a little wee town called Shannon.
Nothing like a bit of Southern Comfort to soothe the soul :)
A graffiti wall and a cherry tree in Shannon
Caramel Milkshakes in Levin
Mmm margarita
Candle wax
Pink flowers in a preserving jar
Spring has sprung
Bagels with cream cheese and homemade apricot jam!
Yes please :)
Lola K xx

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I felt like it was a good time for a gratitude post as I've been feeling so blessed recently with all the birthday love the special people in my life have been showering me with. Here are a handful of things I’m thankful for this week:
  • Thoughtful people who remember my birthday (without hinting or facebook prompting)
  • Freshly laundered sheets
  •  Birthday mousse (chocolate of course)
  • Unexpected messages from friends I haven’t spoken to in ages
  • Blossoming kowhai trees out the front of my house
  • Ultrasounds
  • Asparagus (which is finally back in season!)
  • Planned lunch and dinner dates with friends/family
  • Audio books
  • Pretty ribbon
  • Brightly coloured tights
 Hope the week ahead is a good one.
     Lola J

Out and About


Saturday started out as a glorious spring morning and we decided it was a good day for a drive. We had coffee and cake at the Lola K residence and then headed out in the car.
The aim was to explore parts of Wellington we don't know very well. In theory it was a great idea. Until the heavens started threatening rain with angry looking clouds. 

We ended up driving around the bays where we had to hide from the rain in an old phone box

Hallelujah for big chunky socks!

We stopped at Scorching bay for a snap of the wall decked out in Paua....

And discovered a secret stairway to heaven
 (actually just to the street)

This is what happens when you tell Lola J to act natural

We timed it well and just as we got back to Lola K's abode the rain turned into hail and settled in for the evening. Luckily for us rain doesn't cramp our style. We love rainy days too!
We hope you too had a good weekend.

Lola and Lola xx