Sunday, September 30, 2012

Three Generations of Fashion!

Granny, Mum, Me

I was recently inspired by a post on A Cup of Jo about her mother's style. I love looking back through pictures of my mum when she was my age and wishing the clothes she wore had survived. Then I realised something had survived: Her wedding dress. I've always thought her wedding dress was so beautiful - she said she wanted a garden wedding and her dress reminds me of a whimsical flower child. Luckily for me I fit it and it isn't in too bad condition for something originally worn in 1982!

While I was in the swing of it I dug out a dress my Granny wore back in 1976 when she graduated from Teachers College. Thought I'd put that on too, and pay tribute to the lovely ladies who raised me.

My rings

Mum's rings

Unfortunately my Granny doesn't have any pictures of herself in this dress

Psst..My mum and I also went to the same high school...

...Spot the Wellington Girls' College Jumper!

I'm definitely lucky to come from a line of such stylish, independant, warm and intelligent ladies.

Lola K xx  


  1. Lola, you look soo stunning in your mommas wedding dress! and i also do love the dress of your granny. only the highschool sweater isnt my favor... anyway i LOVE the dresses!

  2. Haha thank you! I agree my high school sweater isn't very pretty but it's super warm :) Would you believe it's 14 years old?!