Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday

I struggle to express exactly how important music is to me in my life. Because of this I really like the idea of documenting the music I’m obsessed with (and also getting a peek at the music Lauren is currently listening to as well) so I can look back and see how my taste changes and the thoughts/feelings behind some of the music selections. I want to begin a post series devoted to my can’t-stop-listening-to song of the moment. Lauren: please join me J

One of my favourite parts of driving into town everyday is the 20 minute window I have of uninterrupted music-thrashing time. I refuse to listen to one song on repeat, afraid I’ll get sick of it, but listen to it each time I get in the car, even if that is 6 or 7 times in one day? Totally different. I’m going through a DeVotchKa phase at the moment and this one in particular I love to turn up loud and tap along on the steering wheel to. 

Lola J x

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