Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Australie, Je t'aime

I've just returned from a wonderlicious weekend away in Sydney! I have a special bond with Sydney because I was born there and every so often it calls me to come back. This was a whirlwind trip with my mum to visit friends and family. I love travelling with my mum because she has an inbuilt GPS in her head - Sydney is way too big for me having been raised in wee Wellington...I get a bit overwhelmed trying to find my way around!
We stayed in Newtown which is an arty little town a stone's throw from the hospital where I was born. Two minutes down the road was the Enmore Theatre where none other than Hanson were playing!!!! So of course I couldn't miss their concert. I only knew about half the songs but my 11 year old self would've killed me if I'd passed up the chance. Those boys put on an amazing show and I'm in love all over again. Matt Wertz opened for them and you should definitely check him out - he is so talented and very hilarious! Staying on the music train for a minute, we discovered a busker by the name of Patrick James who was selling his EP on the street for $10. He's got a nice relaxed sound about him. Check him out too!

This is where we stayed

 Inside was very swish

Complete with cute little outdoor area

Newtown is covered in graffiti. This is the most famous

HANSON!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee

And so it was a good trip. I wish it could've been longer though. Until next time Sydney. I love you x.

Lola K 


  1. Looks like you had an absolutely fantastic weekend!
    I would love to visit Sydney one day. And that food looks absolutely delicious :)

    1. It was AMAZING food!! You should definitely go one day :)