Sunday, December 30, 2012

A belated Christmas recap

Couldn't complain about the view from my bed on Christmas night!

In contrast to Lauren’s perfectly festive looking day Christmas was deliciously low key for me this year. The wedding and huge family BBQ 3 days before Santa’s appearance eclipsed if for us a bit so it was just a relaxing day with immediate family.

 I felt like I was going to melt from the heat in Welly in the morning so I was actually pleased to spend a couple hours in the air conditioned truck on the way up to Wangas. We then just lazed about in the cooling afternoon sun reading, talking, walking along the beach... it was good.

 We don’t really do presents, just one gift for each person in my extended family’s Secret Santa type thing. And we then had a hilariously elaborate Christmas dinner of ham sandwiches followed by pavlova with summer berries!

 The best bit of the day was when I realised it was the first time in 6 years that I had both my sisters with me at Christmas time!! Very special.

 Now we’re at the end of 2012! Yikes. Looking forward to seeing what the new year will bring...
Lola J 

Looking back at 2012

What a year 2012 has been! I can't believe it's gone so fast.

Photo taken from here

It's been a year of steep learning curves and challenges...

It's been a year of having great ideas and not always following through, as is my way. Unfinished projects are generally scattered haphazardly in my wake, forgotten, or given up on. My 10 things didn't quite end up finished - I managed to get number 10 done, but I'll wait until fashion friday to post it. The trip to Somes Island and the soap/body lotion didn't happen due to weather issues, shift work and really freakin' slow Christmas couriers. Fear not! They will still happen...Just next year...

I feel like I've been working out who some of the people in my life really are this year, and if I want to continue giving my time to them. I've been trying to cut out drama in a big way, and as a result, some friendships have fizzled out.
As the saying goes, when one door closes another opens and I've made some amazing friends. People who make me laugh until I'm crying and who share their wisdom with me. I count myself lucky to have such joyful, insightful and wise friends.

It's been a year of weird premonitions, earning me the nickname "witch."

There's been a lot of loss in my life this year. Some sudden and unexpected, others slow and painful. The loss of my cat Sparkle hit me pretty hard. We had to have her put down after 20 years because she had severe renal failure, could hardly walk and was in a lot of pain. It was definitely the hardest decision I have ever made. I'd had her since I was 7 and she was my best friend in the whole world. We miss her sorely but are glad she doesn't hurt anymore.

Me and my Sparkle

I went to Sydney and saw Hanson in concert which made my life, and I also managed to get to the Homegrown festival and The Black Keys which were wicked fun.

The Black Keys doing an encore

I started a blog with my partner in crime, Laura...

I moved into a new flat and am planning to move again in a couple of months, in the quest to find the closest thing to the place of my dreams without having to actually buy.

I have so many ideas for 2013 but I don't believe in new year's resolutions. They're a bit much commitment and I normally forget what they were... I think life is more fun if you don't sit and plan everything anyway :)

Since I'm working New Years Day I'm not having a social night out. I'm planning a date with some DVDs, chippies and takeaways, and an early night.

Photo taken from here

Thanks so much for visiting our blog. Here's to an inspiring 2013!

Lola K xx

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meri Kirihimete! Part two

Happy Christmas! It's a hot day here and I'm banging out part two of my Christmas posts before I head off to work. As you might have noticed I have a very small family. I have no siblings and was raised by my mum. Usually it's just us and the grandparents for Christmas, but since their plane managed to break free from the fog yesterday, it's just me and Mum today. Nevertheless, my Mum is a stellar hostess and has made the morning perfect!

On Christmas Eve I went over to Mum's and found a present under the tree to be opened at sunset! Inside, among other little gifts, was a cute Christmas mug and stuff for making hot chocolate. We drank the hot chocolate and watched The Holiday, which is one of my favourite Christmas movies ever, and then we went into town for midnight mass. It was so hot at 11:30pm, people were using their orders of service as fans!

Today I came over early because the heat is making it impossible to sleep. We had apple cider pancakes and fizzy cranberry "spiders" to cool off. Now we're watching Love Actually, my other most favourite and over-watched Christmas movie before I need to go to work. It sucks that I have to go to work, but it sucks more that there are people all over the world that have to spend Christmas in hospital. It's been a quiet Christmas, as ours always are, but it's been a good one.
I was pretty spoilt this year and I'm lucky to have such a wonderlicious tiny family. I know a lot of people feel very lonely at this time of year, and if that's you, then I'm sending a lot of love your way. Whatever this season means to you, wherever you celebrate it, and whoever you celebrate it with, merry, merry Christmas, to you.
Lola K xx


Monday, December 24, 2012

Whanau time

You may have already guessed that I've been super busy over here with wedding stuff! But now that it is all over and done with thought I'd just write a quick message to say it has all gone swimmingly. I'm sure I'll do a proper post about it at a later date but in the meantime here are just a couple photos of the awesome day...

This was Claire's amazing amazing bouquet that we made out of artificial flowers, brooches, pins, napkin holders and all sorts given to her by friends and family. Too cool! 

My special people

Am now off to Wangas for more family time and hopefully a bit of R&R after all that wedding stress... oh and for Christmas of course! No phone reception or internet access so have a super special day filled with the right people and the best food!!

Lola J 

**Whánau (noun) family group, extended family or community

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Meri Kirihimete! Part one

My Christmas is spread over 3 days this year because my Grandparents are spending Christmas day in the South Island with the other half of our very small family. Since we were taking them to the airport in the afternoon, we decided to congregate at my Mum's and have Christmas lunch. My Mother happens to be a fantastic hostess and the lunch was amazingly good. It was mostly comprised of salads, with falafel balls for me, the resident vegetarian, and blue cheese dip! We drank homemade pink lemonade which my Mum had made from real raspberries (!) and ate white chocolate gingerbread mousse (seriously!) for dessert. I can't even tell you how full I was.

Mum and I did a mostly DIY Christmas and made the majority of the gifts that we gave. We were a bit concerned by the possiblity of them getting broken or damaged on the flight to the South Island, so we told my Grandparents that they had to open their presents early. To be fair, Mum and I opened a present each as well. I got this book which I had mentioned wanting one time about 3 months ago and not realised anyone was listening. It was such a nice surprise and I'm so excited to read it! Just have to finish the one I'm currently reading first! My Mum gave my Granny some framed long lost family photographs of her grandmother and family which have just surfaced after a distant relative recently died. I love old photographs and what a thoughtful gift!

It had started out a brilliant sunny day, but just before we left for the airport this random fog came down and blanketed the hills. Turns out it was leftovers from the tropical cyclone that hit Samoa and Fiji a couple of days ago. With an impending sense of "this isn't going to go well," we set off for the airport. As suspected, when we arrived we found it closed and all flights grounded. After various expletives, a phone call to the South Island and further instruction from very apologetic airport staff, we loaded the bags back into the car and headed home again.
All is well though - they're booked on the next available flight when the airport reopens and I'm keeping myself busy eating leftovers for dinner :)
Lola K xx


Friday, December 21, 2012

Fashion Friday

In an alarming contradiction to yesterday's Thursday Thoughts quote, and since we now have a "hair" label on the blog, I thought I'd do a timeline of my hair over the last 18 months. I've been addicted to changing my hair colour since I first started colouring it when I was about 12. All through high school I had blonde foils, mahoganys, plum shades and chocolate. Then I left school and by some random twist of fate I wound up in a hairdressing course which I dropped out of after I'd learnt all there was to know about colour! And so the hair colouring addiction never died.

I was blonde for about six months last year
 (Ps how cool is that flower crown? I know. I made it.)
In July I got sick of people calling me Barbie and went a gingery red
Then I went dark which is my "go to" shade
(This was at a hen's night. I was a fairy. Forgive me...)
Dark red with some black in the front. Wish I had a better
 picture of this one.
Red fades faster than most colours but the warmth is super hard to get rid of.
As is black. No matter how hard I tried to dye my hair brown I couldn't get rid of it.
Now I'm going for the balayage look since it's summer
and I feel the need to lighten up a bit.
This is perfect for Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs which I've been dying to use but my hair was too dark.
Totally matchy with my nails...
A few years back I used to bleach a panel of my hair myself and use
Fudge Paintbox to colour it. Because of my hair being damaged and porous
it would stick to my hair and take ages to come out. Since it's fairly clear that
I have committment issues when it comes to hair, I like Colour Bugs because I can
wash it out tomorrow and you'd never know.
Colour Bugs are also good if you have a respectable job but like to be a bit of rainbow
in your spare time! Win!
And there you have it. What's next? Who knows?
Lola K xx
P.s Eeeeeeee Christmas is nearly here!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Picture taken from here

Monday, December 17, 2012

Out and About!

We met up in town for a coffee rendezvous and an important call to santa.

A chai latte and a mocha please

This is the Telecom christmas tree
Phoneboxes to ring santa!

Lola and Lola


Music Monday

While I do like current music, I love music from the 60s, 70s and 80s! This is the stuff I was raised on and it makes me pretty much fizz with excitement whenever I hear it. One of the bands I grew up listening to is Fleetwood Mac. Together, they are responsible for some of the catchiest tunes and most beautiful lyrics ever tangled up in one song.
Lyrics like...
"Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and wouldn't you love to love her..."
Rhiannon, 1975

"Like a heartbeat drives you mad/In the stillness of remembering what you had/and what you lost..."
Dreams, 1977

"Well I've been afraid of changing 'cause I've built my life around you/but times makes you bolder/children get older/I'm getting older too..."
Landslide, 1975

One of their catchiest songs, Don't Stop, has a powerful message which, in my line of work, I often find myself reminding people of. And sometimes, I have to remind myself of it too.

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, guys. Yesterday's gone.

Lola K xx

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who says jars are ordinary?

Number 9 on my list of 10 things: Make some ordinary jars extraordinary. I decided to do a double whammy and use the pretty jars as christmas presents for my grandparents (please note: I have the coolest grandparents in the world). With that in mind, I made a girly jar and a manly jar. Who knew jars had genders? They do. Because I made them.

Boring old jars...
Coolest jars in the world!!
I just spray painted over some lace and rubber bands et voila!
Once my pretty jars were dry I filled them up with drinking chocolate and mini marshmallows and tied an oh so tiny bottle of Bailey's on each one...
And ended up with irish hot chocolate in a jar! Perfect for my grandparents. They're not perfect, but I think imperfections are more genuine and it's pretty clear that I made them :)
And totally cute to boot! All this thanks to a little bit of "pinspiration."